Onboard this demo theme

Onboarding a child theme is trivial with Beans. Simply install the required plugins, themes then press one button which will import the default navigation, widgets, posts, pages, categories, and settings.

From a fresh copy of wordpress do the following steps. Either from command line or manually.

Step 1: Install Required Plugins

#In the Plugin Directory
cd wp-content/plugins

#Download and activate the plugin beans-frontend-framework-uikit3
#Download from here https://github.com/Bowriverstudio/beans-frontend-framework-uikit3
wp plugin activate beans-frontend-framework-uikit3

Install Recommended Plugins

#From the plugin directory

#Download and activate the plugin beans-frontend-framework-uikit3
#Download from here - https://github.com/Bowriverstudio/Beans-Visual-Hook-Guide
wp plugin activate Beans-Visual-Hook-Guide

wp plugin install code-syntax-block --activate
wp plugin install debug-toolkit --activate
wp plugin install gutenberg --activate
wp plugin install query-monitor --activate

Optionally Remove Default WordPress Content

WordPress by default adds a few widgets and a sample post. To get an exact copy of this site, simply remove the widgets and default post manually through the dashboard or use the command line.

wp post delete 1
wp widget delete search-2 recent-posts-2  recent-comments-2

Install Theme

# Change directory to theme
cd wp-content/themes

# Download Trial version of Beans (not production ready)
# Download from here: https://github.com/Bowriverstudio/Beans/tree/cssframework
# Note the branch

# Download this theme
# From here https://github.com/Bowriverstudio/beans-demo-uikit3
# Activate 
wp theme activate beans-demo-uikit3


wp beans onboard


Contribute to the demo content

We are always looking for contributors who would like to help making Beans better. If you would like to contribute to the demo content, please submit your content via our contact form.

“or contribute with what you do best”

Whether you are a web developer, a screencast expert, a marketing guru or just shine at giving valuable advice, there is room for all types of contributions. So get your hands dirty and help Beans become one of the best framework available.

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