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With two sidebars registered there are several different possible layouts. In the future we may expand this to include adding some custom sidebars per page, and to allow easy column with changes.

This is in the experimental phase. At this point you can set a default layout in the config/layout.php – This can be set per page type and overwritten on a per page bases in the gutenberg beans side bar.

$has_primary = beans_has_widget_area( 'sidebar_primary' );

return array(
	'default' => array(
		'page' => 'c',
		'post' => ($has_primary ) ? 'c_sp' : 'c',
		'archive' => ($has_primary ) ? 'c_sp' : 'c',

cFull-Width Content LayoutSample
c_spContent and Primary Sidebar LayoutSample
sp_cPrimary Sidebar and Content LayoutSample
c_sp_ssContent, Primary Sidebar and Secondary Sidebar LayoutSample
sp_ss_cPrimary Sidebar, Secondary Sidebar and Content LayoutSample
sp_c_ssPrimary Sidebar, Content and Secondary Sidebar LayoutSample


Beans Uikit 3 by default adds a fixed wrap around then content and sidebar(s).

This is in the experimental phase. At this point you can updated the config/customizer.php file with

return array(
    'beans_header_max_width' => 'uk-container-small',
    'beans_fixed_wrap_main' => '',
    'beans_primary_menu_breakpoint' => 'm',
    'beans_display_toolbar' => true,

// Options for beans_fixed_wrap_main_max_width:
//    'beans_fixed_wrap_main' => 'uk-container-xsmall',
//    'beans_fixed_wrap_main' => 'uk-container-small',
//    'beans_fixed_wrap_main' => '',
//    'beans_fixed_wrap_main' => 'uk-container-large',
//    'beans_fixed_wrap_main' => 'uk-container-expand',

Post Meta, can be set in the “Gutenberg Beans Sidebar” on a per page/post which overwrites the default.

Class Description Sample
.uk-container-xsmall Add this class for a xsmall container. Sample
.uk-container-small Add this class for a small container. Sample
Default The default fixed with size. Sample
.uk-container-large Add this class for a large container. Sample
.uk-container-expand Add this class, if you do not want to limit the container width but still want the dynamic horizontal padding. Sample
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